Japanese Art Industry Market Research Survey 2017

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Art Tokyo Association conducted the Japanese Art Industry Market Research Survey 2017 with around 20,000 general consumers in Japan (in accordance with Japanese government statistics on population data). The results estimates the overall market scale of the entire art industry in Japan at 243.7 billion JPY, which is an incremental increase from 243.1 billion JPY in 2016. Japan enjoys a wide range of art from antiques and crafts to nihonga (Japanese-style paintings), yōga (western-style paintings), and contemporary art. Japanese department stores, which play an important role as a sales channels in the Japanese art market.

13 January 2018 PRESS RELEASE
Japanese Art Industry Market Research Report 2017

Survey Organizers Agency for Cultural Affairs / Art Tokyo Association
Survey Co-organizer Platform for Arts and Creativity
Supported by Japan Art Dealers’ Association