Announcing New Logo

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The largest art fair in Japan, the 2018 event is the thirteenth since it started in 2005. In order to further boost the fair’s presence and development as an art market platform for promoting the art scene in Japan on the global stage, a new logo design has been created. Appropriately for a fair characterized by its wide array of art, from antiques to crafts, Nihonga (Japanese-style painting), modern and contemporary artworks, the logo has also been paired with three representative yet very different Japanese artists to produce new visual design elements for the fair.

As the largest international art fair in Japan, Art Fair Tokyo has promoted the art scene and market in Japan on a global level. While staying conscious of how the times have changed as well as the various endeavors attempted by the fair in the past, Art Fair Tokyo will now strive to help art become part of more people’s lifestyles as the leading art fair in Asia.

This new logo, designed by Yoshitaka Tanaka (Nerhol), expresses the fair’s role as a platform for the art market in Japan. The minimal design features the letters A, F and T combined and written with shadows. The way that the conceptual and vibrant design fades into the background of the logo conveys how Art Fair Tokyo brings together and subtly supports the various people, things and ideas associated with the fair.