Terms and Conditions

  • Art Tokyo Association will handle and store any personal information it receives responsibly and for use only in responding to inquiries.
  • For further information on the handling of personal information, please see Protection of Personal Information.
  • Inquiries are handled as promptly as possible within business hours (10:00–18:00, except for weekends and public holidays).
  • Certain inquiries may require a longer time until a response can be made. In certain circumstances, inquiries may be answered by telephone or postal mail.
  • Art Tokyo Association may be unable to respond to certain inquiries, such as introductions to products or services.
  • Art Tokyo Association will respond to inquiries directly to the individual who made the inquiry. Please refrain from publishing or reproducing this response, either in part or whole.
  • Due to the need to protect personal information, past inquiries may be deleted after a certain period of time has elapsed.
  • Please complete all fields that are marked as required.
  • With replies sent by email to mobile phones, there may be cases when questions cannot be answered in detail due to restrictions on length.

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